Testimony pt 3

Things had gotten more difficult for my life. I didn't understand but I knew I had to be strong for myself especially for my grandmother's sake.

my fight wasn't yet over.My battle had just began as months went by time seem to have come to a stop.

Everything thing was just happening so quickly.It was like a dream,a long dream God made me.

Instead of a dream it was reality.I suffered lost, lost of memory ,I suffered lost of my eye sight.

I lost the the sense to smell, the ability to ehhale after undergoing so many surgeries. I ended up slipping into a state of deep unconscienceness.

While lying there in a deep coma trapped between worlds, fighting for my life,I heard loud screams, soft cries.

I heard my grandmother whispers, as her voice said,you hang in there babygirl you heare me don't give up without a fight.

My grandmothers brave spirit also gave me faith.just her voice alone was all I needed to help me survive such a terrible past.

As my story goes on, I was still fighting for my life.weeks turn in a month and months turned into a year only nine years young.

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This Poems Story

This short story is about survival and how I survived my battle as my story continues