Thank You

By Lana   

I was always unsure about the idea of soulmates
What fate is taking the time out of its day to drag me from the comfort of hiding under my sheets
Clashing against my fears and anguish to find me one person out of 7 billion
After my entire world has collapsed?
It's impossible.
I refuse to leave the bed I live in to discover the world
A cold, cruel, useless world where I lay without love
What Fate forces my cold hands on the keyboard and forces these simple, plain words out of my mouth.
How could I compete with a fate drawing me closer to someone further than I am
You would think I would fight it given how I am but I didn't realize what was happening before it was too late
Begging him to take the time out of my day
To indulge me in his every word
To get a glimpse of what it means to be his
How could I fight it? Why would I fight it?
Who is this fate to find me someone so unlikely to find?
How do the words I love you slip out of my mouth like the easiest thing
Like turning a page while reading a book
Like it's a basic human need
What a beautiful fate to decide he was going to say those angelic words to me first
How do I find this fate?
Where do I meet them?
How do I thank them?

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Key Words : love, fate, soulmate

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This Poems Story

I met my boyfriend at the lowest low I could be, not wanting to get out of bed, unhealthy habits forming, we happened to meet online because my friend dated his friend which was odd for me cause I don\'t talk to people online. Yet against all odds I met him and he became the happiest part of my life.