Thank You, Father

I thank you for your instructions and directions for life
through your beautiful, your truthful, and powerful word
You inspired to be written and left behind to be heard

For listening and hearing me my cries out to you
pleading for answers and help
And for giving me the power from your very spirit and self

For speaking to me filling my eyes with tears that ran down my face
And a cheerful heart to rest my case

For giving me wisdom and understanding seeing visions and dreams
Of the things to come without any evidence little to none

For holding me up and keeping me strong when I'm feeling down
weak and like I don't belong

For letting me know You are always with me and all will be okay
Your shield and protection that surrounds and covers me day to day

For life which sometimes seemed to be hard
But because you have always stood near it's a journey
I will not disregard and will accept with pleasure this
that you have chosen for me without you it has no meaning

I thank you for all things which would take an indefinite amount
of words to reveal family and friends plain and simple good ole days
sometimes a rough climb from hill to hill but never more
than I could handle or a powerful Amen could not seal
Thank You, Father... With love

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This Poems Story

The inspiration behind this poem is I am and always will be grateful and thankful towards our heavenly Father with love no matter what because He first love me and always will.