Thank You for loving Me

I have always known that you were strong
Sturdy enough to stand beside me, to be my backbone,
I just wanted to say,'Thank you for loving me!'
For without you in my life, I don't know what my life would be,
As I gaze into your eyes, I see the proof
Of a true love that dwells within, influenced by you,
To the end of time, for your love there's nothing I wouldn't give
Be my wife, in this life, to allow our love to righteously live,
Thank-you for loving me, mind, body, heart, & soul
For these are the elements of our love that I hold,
In you, my mind is fulfilled with an admiration
My body yields for the yearning of your affections determination,
Within my heart, there's a refined, defined dedication
In the depths of my soul, lies for you a definite sanctification,
For in you, I've learned & seen the meaning of your sacrifice
Only to make you my wife, in this life, anything short of that will not suffice,
Thank you for loving me, nurturing of a true love has summoned me near it
God is responsible for the blessings bestowed upon our spirit,
In you there beckons unto me, all the woman that I need
With you by my side, I know we will achieve & succeed,
To allow growth & development in all of God's glory
You have to admit that He meant you were for me,
In you this is what I've come to see
Once again, I thank-you for loving me!!!

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