Thank You for teaching this human some humanity


I had the access to all the books and technology…
But still it took your wagging tail to teach this Human some humanity
I was born in the land of all the religions like Hinduism ,Islam , Jainism and Christianity
But your smile taught me the heart of all these religions “Humanity”

You taught this body the true meaning of soul ….
changed me step by step and then whole.
I realised one not always needs money to be happy, But everyone of us deserve to have someone like you teach we humans some humanity.
Your fur ,tail and paws accepted all my secrets, scars and flaws.
You always wagged your tail no matter if I passed the exam or I failed.
You were there with me during all the season no matter how scorching heat or how hard it hailed
You inculcate me that blood make us relatives but it takes love to build relations.
We might never exchanged a single word but your actions kept me warm in this cold world
Thank your for showing all the love to this miserable creature, In this world full of jealousy, insecurity and cruelty
Thank you for teaching this human some humanity.

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