Thank You I Think

For the one who taught my heart so well hurt and pain
I actually Thank You for all that I have lost and gained

If not for your cruel way ever for me seemed daunting
I could not now appreciate a new love that's not taunting

I owe you allot more than I thought I could ever speak to you aloud
This made life so much easier and I'm left heavenly on a cloud

You may think me crazy for gratitude shown for bad treatment from you
I grew from it realizing you'll not get that chance again to make me blue

Once you are out of my life don't be misunderstood
I have moved on and it's over with us for good

Finding myself was never an easy feat
I can't ever allow it and just take a seat

I am always going to remember only the bad now
Because of all the torture easily done to me , but.. How?

I was weak at the time I can only guess the reason
For only that time not an on and off again like a season

There's no shame on me once or twice or whatever the saying is.
Just goodbye,and thanks for now I have real love and shear bliss

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    This Poems Story

    For a snake that I loved so much and was never good enough to treat right. Eat your heart out cause I am loved and appreciated and now I know how to Love this wonderful person back. So if not for the hurt he caused I'd never be in love with my soulmate now.