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Writers block soon as I open the notebook,
Untitled thoughts lost and blocked what my mental notes took.
My quotes shook up so I look up to the source it's my choice,
Show no remorse it was no forced hook up.
I'm too tough in the clutch to fall beneath my potential,
Like seconds left with no regrets I release the influential.
When's the last time you met the proper genius?
I see patterns to the madness, I'm here to break the sequence.
Ahead of my time a type of mind makes you wonder when God released it
Don't get jealous it's not only weather that dictates His new seasons.
So since I have arrived it's only right that I provide
Messages with return addresses only known beyond the skies.
While it fell through clouded vibes infected with earthly lives,
Somehow I can't deny my drive to open eyes,
To show you what I see within my current dreams
In attempt to set you free, though worldly chains have low visibility.

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