Thanks To A Soldier

Have you ever stopped to thank a soldier
For the bravery he or she chose to shoulder
Do you realize the sacrifice that they make
So that you can sleep peacefully until you wake
Do you pray at night for their safe return
To come home to their family when it's their turn
Show them the respect and consideration
That they have so deservingly earned
Do you remember to fly our flag high
Honoring those who lived, the ones that died
Holding a special place in your heart
For the men and woman that do their part
Do you recognize their fear
When you celebrate with a beer
Do you recognize them in your toast
As they stand and guard their post
Do you wear a shirt that's red, white and blue
On days a calender tells you to
Enjoy the day off from work as you choose
Going to a picnic or a barbeque
So as you watch the fireworks
Please take a moment to reflect
There would not be anything to celebrate
If not for all they do to serve and protect

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