"So what the clouds are grey, so what the day is dark,
That's just Satan on a prowl, trying to get to my heart.
Rebuke Him, refuse Him, in the name of my Savior.
Life just got great, and it just keep getting greater.
No I don't have steak and potatoes, but I got meat and bread.
Don't have a great big mansion, but got a nice little cozy shed.
Don't have a long, white limo with a chauffer to drive me around,
But got a monthly bus pass that's guaranteed to get me across town.

Proud of it, speak loud of it, all praises to the heavens.
Mamma ain't raised no fool, I'm not too cool to recognize a blessing.
No longer scared of confessing, Amen, can I get a witness?
God said, "Don't worry, have faith, I'll handle your business!"
I didn't listen, money had my attention; Thought money ruled it all.
But you know what God showed me, money won't catch you when you fall.
So don't just thank Him when you hit big on the Casino Boat
Paid some bills off, bought yourself a nice, new, fancy coat,

Filled your gas tank up, now you already to ride.
Not once did you stop to think to stop by church to pay some tithes.
See, I thank Him for waking me up to hear the birds that sing,
Thank Him for allowing me to be able to taste my mom's chicken wings,
I also thank Him for allowing me to be able to feel and touch,
Being able to heal, receive, and give just as much.
Made it this far with no credit, bad credit, a few repos and no bank,
So when I wake up in the morning, I just tell the Lord thanks!"

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