That black night

Do not go calm in that black night
Too little is light found for they who walk there
And they who ever go never call back
They will rise up but again at the end of time
And little rest there is but all to rusts.
Go not calm in that heavy sleep,
Not to show me my orphan age so early
When the time of my sprout is not yet
And when no hat is yet made for my milk head
Just when my eye is still blinded at your rod
And my feeble knees still quake under a dark sky,
I can not see far enough to go out on a quiet dawn.
Go not early when the day is still young
But wait until I have made my own shade,
Not again to walk in the hot sun, after heavy rains
They will those birds fly and sing,and sing and fly
Till they see me groan loudly,they should not
And do what have they,those who watch but to laugh.
Into the deep with no force,with rocks and stumps
Wait,if there can permit a little while
And what have they to do those who fall early

Do not go calm into that deep sleep,
If so,much better there is good rest on a cool night

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