That Boy Is You

If their ever was a boy
with eyes so blue.
The kind that sparkle
and light up the room.
With hair so blond
and skin so fare.
Without a doubt! these types
are exceptionally rare!
If their ever was a boy
with a smile so bright.
It's most captivating
when in your sight.
With the cutest laugh
you've ever heard.
And when he speaks
you melt with every word.
If their ever was a boy
who's name was so loud.
That everyone already knew it
without having to speak it out.
With a blood-line
that's powerful and yet so pure.
That only a selected few
are worthy enough to endure.
If their ever was a boy
who's personality gleamed.
Blinding you with his Aura
like nothing you've ever seen.
A boy who's perfection
can hardly be described.
So heavenly handsome
is this lucky little guy!
If their was ever a boy
that boy is YOU!!
Kohl is your name
my little nephew!!
With a mother so dedicated
as not only one parent, but two.
You're surrounded but all our love
and having your mom, so very lucky are you!!

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