That Duality Thing

One is aware while one is asleep,
One is a ruler another a sheep.
One is so ruthless while one is so kind,
One is all-seeing while another is blind.
One is a guru while another a clown,
One wears a smile another a frown.
One is a scholar and one needs taught,
One is a savior another needs fought.
One is so spotless and another a stain,
One is so humble another is vain,
One is courageous and one has cold feet,
One is integral while another deceit.
One lives in the future and one in the past,
One lives in the now another thinks fast.
One is soul bearing the other hides dirt,
One has been healed and one has been hurt.
One sees the light while one lives in dark,
One is a minnow another a shark.
But all of these i describe lie inside me,
These appear to be opposites but they're on the same tree.
The order in life has shown me both sides,
Slipping around thankful for all of these rides.
Its just experiencing that duality thing,
I am the ying while i am the yang.
Just complimentary counterparts that dance around me,
Accepting both sides is the happiness key.

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