That Dude

By D.R.E.W   

Front row
Same as last week
Same as the week before

Repetitiveness is repetitive here
Whether it's luke, john, or one of the other obviously generic names
I've heard them all
Over and over
For 18 years

The stories about the fish are the best
This dude points to an area in the vast ocean
And fish will swarm there waiting for their nets
Can take one fish and turn in into many
Seems rather counter productive
I have faith just one of those qualities would suffice
Regardless I'm glad he is on our team
Wouldn't want that power falling into the wrong hands

I look up to see the fish whisperer himself
Staring at me
As if he knows I'm not paying attention
If he asks I could recite it for him
I have faith he wont ask
That would be a miracle
Like turning pure H2O into an alcoholic beverage
Can't have a party without alcohol
Right dude?

Or is it blood?
I'm told its blood
But it tastes a lot like wine
Cheap wine
God forbid they splurge one some good for us nice church going people
I have faith if they gave us more wine I would be singing more.

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This Poems Story

I was raised in a very catholic family. My history class was also my religious class. As I got older I realized not only what I had happened to me but also how teaching young minds that type of criteria is unhealthy for future society. I use this experience and my not at all subtle sarcasm to portray this idea.