That Feeling

There’s that feeling when you don’t know why
Someone has this strange effect on you, to hurt you
and over
and over again.
It’s that feeling when the smallest details you never notice
suddenly become the most important thing in your life,
when no matter how much you know to stay away,
you just…
TIme is frozen, but every second feels like an e t e r n i t y,
one whose only end is a bloodbath,
one that pulls you into something
you can’t clean up.
But for what‒ to secure our insecurities by cutting them open?
When will it stop?
When our heart aches so much it’s numb.
They would stab our hearts‒
we wouldn’t feel a thing.
So why do we put up with this?
Because we don’t have the strength to put an end to this,
to the tears,
and the wounds
and the bruises.
We need to put an end to this…
before it puts an end to us.

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