That Girl

You probably think I get jealous
But I’m not that girl
You probably think I like to be put down, called names, cursed at
But I’m not that girl
You may see me as being weak or broken
But I’m not that girl
What girl am I?
I am strong, independent, take care of myself
I am the one taking care of others when there’s no one else
I am smart and can think on my own
I can sit beside you or take over the throne
I’m your equal as partners should be
I’m not the little submissive, cowardly girl you see
I can rise to all occasions with a beautiful smile
I can take down your world and not be hostile
I am not defined by the melanin that paints the color of my skin
I am beautiful outside and in
Do not mistaken me for I am not weak nor frail
I will not close myself up or hide in a shell
I am that girl who can make you happy if given the chance
To share your life and show you romance
I’m not the girl next door or the one you need to rule
I’m the rarest type of gem that is placed in the finest jewel
So respect me, love me and show me kindness
Don’t walk around trying to see me through the world’s blindness
I am unique, I am that girl every mom wants for her son
Hurt me, use me, and mock me it will be me who runs
I stand on my own two feet and speak for myself
Why? I am that girl.

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