That Girl\'s Got the Boy

Dazzling the jazz
She's so sexy
See how she moves her waist
Wasting the grace on her amazing haste

It's no wonder her husband is her Director
No wonder her Director is her husband
No wonder she redirected her husband
To the bar located between the pores of her fatherland

And so and so, as it appears on my Twitter page
She's turned business leisure to pleasure's measure of tension
Sexual tension mentions sanctions for unpaid sensual pensions in unpainted taverns
Tavern of Heaven, liquidize yourself and pour on me
Raven of Maven, I need your outpour, pour on my house

That performer up there
She is my strong point
Tavern of seduction
Mention your unction to congest lotions in my Ocean

Oceanic was her urge
Oceanic was her urge to have that boy and she had him
Oceanic is my urge
Oceanic is my passion to patch up this distance between me and that boy who I want
I want him; I won him; I warned him
I hunt him; he wants me; he locked me in his guts

I'm guilty of my hills
That pretty lady; she danced in those hills and didn't fall
He bought her pills and fell for her
He peeled off her pink slimy gills
I mean those gills which coil round her rounded round of buttoned-up rod

She's beautiful
I'm dutiful
What's the difference?
The difference is she has her boy
Although I have my boy, she has the boy
That girl dancing on stage
That girl's got the boy

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