That Infamous Cruelty

Here they again gave the proof
It’s not painless to trust a fool
Unilaterally filled with so-called narcissism
Again, they killed a Innocent tusker for sybaritism

Mankind, Being-Human words are often used
But what they did was so disgraceful
Action they took, by putting a bomb
Pieces and blood sheds flowing from womb

But Nevertheless, she believed
Not because she was hungry but,
She knew in last it was a human
But, in return what she got was miserably over done

It all vanished the moment she burst
A heart inside her deals with the worst
This way we treat them, for our own fun
Yet, we have no shame left and still call ourselves humans

The pain she faced was unbearable
The game you played was intolerable
Imagine on the name of humanity
What if you would have got that pineapple?

And that’s how her life disappeared.
A small heart inside her filled with fear
As you sow, so you shall reap
The way you cause her death, you will beg to breathe

At last, I wish you get the aching death which;
Could satisfy the elephant’s heart from depth…


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This Poems Story

The poem is based on the Infamous cruelty faced by the Kerala Pregnant Elephant who was killed by putting bomb in her pineapple . I have tried to show the cruelty in the world of where we say we are humans .