That Is Not My Name

I have a name
Chosen just for me.
It gives me strength
In times as these.

It taught me respect;
Of that you lack,
Scornful words
Cannot be taken back.

I hear my name,
It makes me smile.
I love my name,
Though feel defiled.
You haven't the right,
You haven't the guile
To make me feel shamed
To make me docile.

Do you feel more a man
Belittling my name?
What say you now?
Please, explain.

Do you truly believe
You're better than me?
I'm more a man
Than you will ever be.

'Tis fear of hate
That fuels your cause?
Ignorant fool.
Expecting applause?

One thing is clear,
That is not my name.
Don't call me queer!

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This Poems Story

It is a narrative poem. Raised in small town Alabama, there were many people in my childhood that would slander my name such as gay, queer, or faggot. This poem speaks to all those who saw me only as my sexuality.