That Kid at the Bridge

The air is heavy,
The sky is bleak,
Fog covers the land,
Gray people walk past gray cars,
As he waits,
He turns his head to see if they see,
He justs wants to catch someone's eye,
To tell him it's all okay,
Tomorrow will be anew,
Someone to put their hand on his shoulder,
To say I know what it's like,
They walk by,
They don't see,
Why won't they,
Just turn for one second,
And notice,
To do one simple task,
But no one comes,
No one cares,
He stares at the sky,
God save me,
If god is real, help me,
But nothing comes,
No sign,
No lightning,
Just the rain,
Coming down,
Drowning the noise,
The steps,
He puts his hands on the rails,
The tears hidden away,
Streaming down his face,

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