That Moment

Three bodies lay sprawled across a trampoline.
Moonlight and raindrops contribute to the harmonious
Aura that surrounds them. Hours spent together to make
Up for months spent apart. Silence follows laughter,
A synchronized appreciation of the night. The purple sky
Partially concealed behind he naked tree branches.
The steady rain dripping upon faces and canvas
Only adds to the aesthetic. One perfect moment.
No need for a picture, no need to acknowledge it,
But a simultaneous understanding, a spiritual sigh
Of relief. An instant captured to be remembered for
Eternity. An esoteric lapse of time, a few deep breaths
Of serenity in this non-stop world. A mediocre day
Transformed into an irreplaceable evening. Her laugh
Exhilarating, his conversation vehement, their presence
Nostalgic. Pure, absolute, euphoria.

Life breathes movie-esque
Time spent in the flawless illusion
Brief seconds of utter bliss

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