That Night

I believed you, I took your hand.
How could you do it, I don't understand?
I remember your hands touching me that way,
I couldn't move, scared of what you'd say.
You made that night life changing for me,
When I look in your eyes, that's all I see.
You said you loved me and that you cared,
From that night on, I been unbelievably scared.
Somehow I wish you'd pulled out a knife,
I may not be dead, but you took my life!
You gave me fear and hatred within,
Always watching behind me, living in sin.
You have yet to come and apologized to me,
Tears roll down my cheeks, ones you'll never see.
I can't get past that look on your face,
Then one that made my heart start to race.
I trusted you once a long while back,
You crushed it when you made me fight back.
It's something that you will never regret,
But it's something I will never forget!
I forgive you now, I've let it go.
That is the best you will ever know.
What you did changed me that night,
I hope it eats at you, your entire life.

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