That One Day

Everything happens for a reason
That's why we met that one summer season
Do you remember that day we met?
It's the day I sure won't forget
But then camp ended and apart we grew
And now, I couldn't imagine losing you
Life without you would tear me apart
It would really easily just break my heart
While you're just standing there looking so fine
All I want is for you to be mine
Beautiful, funny, sweet, and smart
I knew you were the one right from the start
With you forever is all I ever dream
And everyone knows we make the perfect team
With you, everything just feels so right
Especially with your smile that shines so bright
No matter the distance, no matter how far
I'll get to you, plane, train, or car
I'll never leave you; it's not even a choice
Because I get so happy when I hear your voice
You're really all I'll ever need
Without you, my heart would bleed
There are simply no words to describe how I feel
So I just thought I'd make you a deal
I'll be with you forever as long as I can
As long as I'm always your number one man

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