That One-second Eon

Sisters and brothers, lovers and others
This story is ended, we yet begin another
My honor, 'tis been:serving with you
Go forth, and keep no memory to rue

Immortal were we, eyes alight with ire
Everything that night did glow with a fire
Our robes hummed with wisdom, had we knowledge enough?
Warriors on grass, young hearts armored rough

All souls still watching, in eternity's wake
All promises broken, all hopes yet to break
That one-second eon, when we destroyed fate
As all good souls evermore elected to wait

Our suns gleam with some far thing elder than we
Our stars have seen all and continue to see
What we little men with our little dreams
What God we can't know, where He sewed the seams

My father, my Father, come with me this way
I'll show you what your child has done on this day
And I would have you be proud and look on
As that one-second eon brings our sun up for dawn

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