That Small Hi

It started when I saw you that day, you seemed to wash my fears away
It was love, It was great, it was a wish, It was fate
Our friends saw it in our eyes, we loved each other despite our lies
As we grew older the decision was clear
No matter what, marriage was near
Then came the moment when I saw her face
You told me, like I, she was an ace
She was your princess, and I your queen
Then just like that, she was fifteen
She cried as her boyfriend broke her heart
I watched as you threatened to tear him apart
Then later at her marriage I couldn't help but cry
Like me, she had found the perfect guy
And later when my grand kids run to me
I smile when they ask what they will be
For the youngest one did look just like you
And as I recall he was perfect too
Then years later as we grow old
I think through every story I told
The best one seems to make me smile, I go back just for a while
You said,"Your the best thing in my life
I would greatly like it if you'd be my wife"
And as I sit here looking at you
I've realized all that we have been through
All through college, all through life, never one to say goodbye
And all of it started with that small"hi"

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