That Starless Night

Red and blue intertwine
Many houses that weren’t mine
A young frightened girl
Trying so hard not to hurl
So many questions she had to answer to all three
Foolish and crazy was all they could see
Her mind went blank and she couldn’t think
Their brows twitched and her heart did sink
More questions calmed her, made her sane
She only feared the incoming pain
Another part of her was still inside; locked away
All she could think was that she couldn’t stay
She wanted to help, to protect her blood
And even if she couldn’t get in she knew they could
She sat in the dark waiting
Each moment passing was a part of her slowly fading
She could barely see, she could barely write
And now, after everything she has trouble sleeping at night
She was hurt; beaten and thrown
It was only then were true colors shown
They came back and said her blood was fine
That they would take him away for a time
She left that night, but she would never be the same
True fear and anger could never be tame
Could anyone help, could she talk?
Could anyone save her? Because she can barely walk
She doesn’t want to be alone
She doesn’t want him to atone
All she wants is love
But every time she tries to grasp it, she watches it fly away with the morning dove
They tell her she has to be strong
To stop crying and move on
But how when each time she closes her eyes
She is beaten down, broken, and filled with despise
Can anyone help her before she shatters?
Can anyone help me from the latter…

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