That stormy night

By Khu   

There was no one in sight,
except the moon and stars; shining bright.
It was all dark,
before the sudden spark.

The spark was of lightning,
which created a bit of brightening.
And I'm glad it did,
or else in fear; I would have hid.

I could hear the sudden cry of a fox,
and the approaching footsteps of an ox.
Shiver ran from my head to toe,
but why; even I don't know.

I thought I was going to fall,
just when I took the support of a wall.
The wind made weird sounds,
as if surrounding a circle; taking rounds.

And with a sudden gush of rain,
my head started to pain.
I soon realized that it was just a dream of mine,
because I found myself to be totally fine.

I didn't have any stress,
and I was in a night-dress.
My head didn't pain,
and outside; there was no rain.

It was a weird dream of mine,
which occurred when the clock struck nine.
It is said that morning dreams come true,
But such cases are very few.

I hope my dream doesn't come true,
or else, it will be a part of the few...

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I was very scared at that time