That Summer Day

The water cools down my sunburned legs as I wade into the ocean,
Leaving the noisiness and choas of the beach behind
Three powerful strokes sends me where the water is getting deeper
I'm swimming right into the heart of the ocean
The beach is just a speck on the horizon,
The water crystal clear
Mom and dad will scold me for this,
I should probably get back
But looking at the beckoning ocean,
I have second thoughts
Just a little more,
I promise myself, just a little more
From the corner of my eye
I see a sliver shape advancing in my direction
I panic and start frantically swimming towards the shore
It's going to be alright, I think to myself
Sharp teeth stab my thigh
The once clear water gets murky
I try to ignore the pain and tears
As I feel myself lose control of my legs
The sky closes up as I'm pulled into the ocean
Will I ever be the same again?
No, I won't
Because then darkness conquers me,
And I lose consciousness

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