that thing inside my chest

babum babum babum babum
deep breath, breath deep
close eyes, eyes close
still fingers, fingers still

have you ever been so scared
your hands start to tremble?
because you were so unprepared
for the feeling of being disassembled

have you ever been so full of love
that your heart rams against your chest?
as it tries to escape and fly above
shaking its head no in protest

when that happens to me
i know it’s just fear
fear of what might not be
like that of a fractured mirror

i’ve been broken
too many times to count
always being outspoken
it’s a terrifying amount

that’s why i start to stray
when my heart feels too full
when it gets light instead of grey
when there’s that strange tug and pull

you make me smile like never before
i’ve never been so in awe
you, i do sincerely admire
love every perfection without flaw

please know i mean no harm
if i start to stray away
please don’t be alarmed
when i silence what i want to say

but also please know
you have captured my heart
you’ve brought about a warm glow
i do not want to ever be apart

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