That Tragic Day

Five years ago, on the tragic September day
our country changed drastically, in more than one way.
They took our people and they took our two towers.
Our country changed drastically, in just a few hours.
They took fathers, mothers, heroes, and more,
but what did they really do this for?
To tear us apart, they did what they could,
but they didn't succeed like they thought they would.
Our country's still standing, along with its citizens.
To give up is not something we believe in.
We fight for our people and help each other out.
That's what the United States of America is all about.
Many family members are being sent over to Iraq;
We're hoping and praying until they all come back.
These people are brave and risking their lives,
and leaving at home, their children and their wives.
This war keeps continuing, year by year,
but the vision of what happened still isn't all that clear.
Regardless of what is said, and what we see,
the United States of America is what we'll always be.

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