That Yellow Dress

Life is something strange and I must confess
You have been on my mind since I saw you in that dress
That yellow dress walking down the park jogging path
A picture so perfect that it matches your laugh
I haven't felt more alive than I do now
Life's emotions come and go but this is how
I feel on a constant daily basis, feeling better
I would swoop you off to paradise, constant lovers
My best friend I have known you for 20 years
And that yellow dress gave my heart tears
You were the beauty I have come to know and love
I just took you for granted and I shouldn't of
I woke up and vowed to love you better than ever
I woke up and vowed to keep you closer than ever
That yellow dress is imprinted on my brain
And from that day on I would never be the same
It was like the first day when I saw you in my life
It was like the day that you finally became my wife
That yellow dress hugged your curves so close
I have always enjoyed the colors painted on your toes
Each day we should always make the most
Even when we are far apart-you are my best friend
I will love you into the night and once more again
That yellow dress is so exclusive to a point in time
That yellow dress will also define in my mind
To the day that I had to press rewind

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