That’s Love

To a small kiss on the cheek, or wave or grin
She knew exactly what would make me come in
Inside her house to sit and talk for a while
I would say just about anything to make her smile
And she knew what to say
Just to brighten my day,
I say "That was LOVE"

She sat proudly in the audience, as I walked across the stage
She told me that she was happy about the decisions that I had made
I felt so blessed, I needed to hear someone say that, that same way
It made me feel as though, "I could become somebody someday"

Love is an action word that she did everyday
And it's something that she used to always say
the same LOVE that she exposed to me
It's the same love that I have implanted into my seeds
And just maybe one day they'll implant into their seeds
And so on, and so on..

A grandmother's love is so deep rooted and strong
It's the kind of love that lives on and on
One day you wake up, and they have departed up above
But you can proudly live on because of their LOVE!

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