That's not how to live

I won't tell you to not be depressed,
it's like choking someone and telling them to live,
all I'm saying is don't keep all of this under your bed,
that's not how to live.
Look inside my eyes and when I catch you lying about being fine,
look me in the eyes again and tell me the things you need,
you want to talk? I'm here. you want to cry? I'm here.
because that's how you live.
Feeling like you're lost is fine, it's normal to not be okay and not say it,
sometimes, you can't describe you feel,
I'll sit besides you holding your hand and I'll wait for your stars to shine,
because that's how you'll know you deserve to live.
Sighing at little things and tears at anything are accepted,
let it flow away with your worries, bravely, stand at the creek,
looking down to see the water run away from you, not to feel sad,
because that's not what you deserve when you live.

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