That's Not What I Meant


... a series of unintended misrepresentations,
misconceptions, and misunderstandings:
Such is a prime example, absolutely, of how
my life has been for my entire life, so far,
a universal occurrence or punishment for
trying too hard, I do not know, but a plague
still the same, beyond total comprehension.
What did you just say to me?
Oh, I thought you said something else.
"disingenuous," "gratuitous," even "ersatz" ...
If you say these words, I shall not listen
to your words. I shall close my mind to:
your words, your mind, your fabrications.
no, never, not ever, negative
nonexistent communication
How can I receive, perceive, then believe,
when you deceive, and she cannot conceive
whatever notion you have presented,
whatever you try to explain in whatever terms
you describe as simplistic? (Whatever.)
No, I am not stupid, just ignorant within
your obscure methodology that simply
makes you appear simplistic. What?
No, I never said that. At least, that's
not ... what ... I ... meant.
Ah, forget it. Let's just get another beer.

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