That’s what you say

So many words been spoken what is really the truth? Because you say and what the word says it's two different things. We are called for many different things my walk is not your walk and the things that are in between. Who are you to say that someone is not supposed to be there only the most high can make that call. I guess on that day will find out. And I lost and Dying World already too many naysayers said too many different things but that's what I say. But what you say can hurt somebody and stick with them like glue all because you are speaking from you and not the truth. He wouldn't tell you to tell someone to leave you're supposed to always ask where am I supposed to be he is supposed to lead us and guide us in all truth but that's what the word says and I know that is true. What you say to someone can give life or death that's why with the tongue we can cause someone death. Our job is to love not hurt one another without a spoken word we're supposed to speak life not death. God who sees all and knows all we do. What would God have to say about you? We are not leaders of our own life that's why God sent his son Jesus Christ. And then he anointed Shepherds over us to lead us and got us and God's truth and his word. But that's what I know that is also true it was true back then 2000 years ago and it's still true today. You don't have to take my word for it just go look and see for yourself. But Jesus came to save the world not condemn everyone to death. Or to hurt you or to make you feel like you're nothing no I think people out here do a pretty good job of that. That's why God is Truth and Love no matter what I do that's why his word always sticks to me like glue no matter if I said something wrong I feel bad for saying it I go back and talk to him and tell him how I feel about that and then he corrects me and let me know that I was wrong because I'm not representing myself I am representing him who came way before me. I'm not going to lie and say I never mess up I have my good and bad days just like everyone else just because I am a Christian I'm hold to a different light but I know that Jesus Christ is the light of the world so I know I will follow that light and I know following him I might stumble but I won't fall because Jesus will always catch me before I fall but that's what the word says before I Dash my foot against a stone Jesus will be there to uphold me so I won't never be alone.

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This poem is about what you say to somebody really matters rather if it's good or bad. I think we should all try to be careful of how we talk to each other I have even been guilty of that myself. But we're all works in progress and I think that we should just be careful about what we say because God is always listening and he hears and no everything that we do think or what shortcuts we might take or how we might try to make someone else feel bad because God looks at the heart.