That’s When it Hits You

When home is just a house, and colour fades to grey,
When your friends are lost in space,
And your passions gone away.
When misery needs company,
And your thoughts cannot be tamed,
When all is lost in darkness,
And you feel you've gone insane.
When theres no hope left to find,
And you don't know where to start,
When danger powers safety,
And the world has lost it's art.
When all you see are flaws,
And you don't know who you are,
When you look into a mirror,
And you only see a scar,
When you want to know the truth,
But all you find are lies,
When all you have left is sorrow,
Behind those big brown eyes.
When all theres left is rain,
In a place once only sun,
When all theres left is the end,
In a pace you haven't begun.
Thats When it Hits You.

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