The 10 Second Storm

The thunder rumbles and roars and rain starts to pour
And the lightning flashes memories of today and before
Wind begins to stir, the thoughts start to tremble
A cyclone of doubt and confusion has now assembled
10 seconds feel like 9 hours
8 inches in front of us seems like 7 miles
Amongst every 6 memories that clash and bang
Against the windows of our brain
There aren't 5 that are happy but we know they're there
The wind blows them just out of reach
And as 4 people pass, 3 don't give a glance
Because how could they know about the 2 realities
That are raging on in our life
1 stops and offers shelter, but we still don't accept
The storm subsides and we're drenched
With the aftermath of the rain and pain
And the thunder of hours prior reverberates in our brain

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