The 1st Wife

In front of the mirror I stare at my face.
The cracks and the lines, but I'm feeling just fine.
In front of the mirror I stare at my man.
The cracks and the lines, I love that he's mine.
Together we age, we're on the same page.
Working to thrive, hard times to survive.
I think about death, I think about life.
He's been here before, the death of a wife.
It happened so fast, so long in the past.
At age 24, a husband no more.
She liked to run, always searching for fun.
Alone out of sight, one cold winter night.
Being out so late, it sealed her fate.
Alone with their child, while she ran wild.
Not a tear did he shed, for the life that she led.
Now a young dad, his family feels bad.
His daughter will grown, the facts she will not know.
His family looks back, ignoring the fact.
The wife is long gone, he's finally moved on.
A new wife in sight, I bring him new light.
He's looking ahead, his family they dread.
As a new wife I see hate, the old wife was great.
Rose glasses they wear, no pretending to care.
Wearing my ring, always feeling the sting.
As a new wife I get burned, his head he will turn.
I seek their approval, they look for removal.
I can't understand why, sad tears they still cry.
Why can't they move on, and let her be gone.
I cry in my sleep, my feelings hurt deep.
He sees nothing wrong, their feelings so strong.
Thick skin I will grow, no bother I'll show.
I smile and grin, and tells of no sins.
The old wife once had, her actions were bad.
In front of the mirror I stare at my face.
He's made me a home, he's made me a place.
His family still sad, but don't treat me so bad.
7 years have gone by, the time it does fly.
Thoughts still on their mind, but further behind.

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