The 3 Types

The driver who looks into the rear view mirror
is often seen as a person who is stuck in the past.
She cannot focus on the future
her past keeps demanding her attention.
A driver who looks out her side window is the person
who focuses on the present more than anything.
She makes the most of right now.
No need to look at the past because that already happened,
pointless to look at the future cause that hasn't happened yet.
She who looks out the windshield
is the driver most focused on her future.
The past already happened.
Her present is bettering her tomorrow,
no need to give it much thought.
However in this life you're expected to look at the past,
present and future to help you wade through life.
If we all prefer one over the others,
how do we remember to include the others in our life lessons?
How do we remember to live our lives,
if we're being told to constantly to look at these things
instead of life itself?

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