The Abyss

By Firefly   

The abyss
….or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes – that seemingly bottomless pit – that void - that lives inside of us like a deep, dark, chasm of nothingness –emptiness. The darkness is lonely and makes it impossible to see – so you find yourself blindly wandering in search of what you need…anything to help you escape from the endless fog. The only problem is that you have absolutely no idea what it is that you need… what you need to feel whole – to escape from this hole…. My biggest fear is that there truly is no end – that the abyss lives deep within the soul…that we will spend our lives trying to find the end of it and wake up one day to finally realize that there never was an end to find.

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This Poems Story

Abyss of the soul is about that feeling of emptiness we often have and the time we spend trying to fill it.