The Abyss of Remiss

Today I stopped caring, things really suck
Nothing worth sharing, I've run out of luck

Tried to bounce back - from the evil of my slack
From the sclerosis attacks
Made it with promise, I'm cured it's a fact
However, my solace is still quite in lack

Felt kinda guilty, for I had not a home
To more safely house the ones I had owned
Now they are distant, have not a care
For my forgiving; it has turned to despair

So many years, upon the edge teetered
Dejection gripped harder, but not to give in
It never amounted to forcing the sin

Yet now it's despondent and that is too far
For all of the dreams are now lost and afar
Will someone remember this lonely old soul?
Can't find any reason to keep up the toll

For when the will flounders, it is time to give up
No reason to try - no more shall you cry
It's all an abyss, just wander amiss

Until you stumble upon your own fumble
Let it all go - Just freeze in the snow…

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