The Accident

The accident broke your mind and body.
Forever bound to a wheelchair.
You awoke a month later.
You thought you could get out of your bed.
You couldn't even move your body.
The day before the accident forever on repeat.
Never to understand that years were passing.
Locked in time, repeating my name.
29 years later, your soul stepped out.
You finally found peace.
Now you can be who you used to be, with no repeating.
No chair to stop you from standing.
You took my soul when you left.
My reason for being.
Now you wait for me on the other side.
While your away, build our heaven.
Wait for me there, I'll be along soon enough.
Now I am on repeat of the last day I spent with you.
Until our souls merge again.
I will be thinking of our new heaven.

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