The Accused

What happened to my shiny red and yellow truck?
And to the little boy filled with joy?
It was destroyed beyond all recognition like our love
Don't look at me, it wasn't my fault you loved me too much
You suffocated me

I told you that I would love and protect you
And this I swore the day we joined hands
But you didn't listen to me, I tried to tell you I don't know how
And just look at you now
Small and frightened like the bird who broke its wing
Yet I don't know how to mend it

My father gave me everything but his infinite wisdom
He said he failed, how can that be?
For that makes me a failure too
He was my God, my inspiration that is until the day I met you

I cannot bear to look into your eyes, I've been accused
I'm guilty but I can't confess for that will make me less of a man
And that I cannot bear for if I am not a man, who am I?
Just a little boy who was never shown how to care

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