The Ache

I feel it.
Its beginning. This small minute twinge.
I know what is coming, and I know it will hurt.
It starts low. It starts slow, in the pit of my stomach.
I can feel it. Up, up, up it moves.
Rummaging my insides till it finds what it wants.
That beating red instrument we try ever so hard to hide.
How did it find me? It always does.
The Ache.
It rears its hideous head and the tears begin to roll down my face.
The Ache.
I can't move, it has me now.
In its grasp, my heart beats ever so fast.
I can feel this hurt, like an infection it spreads throughout.
My heart hurts so much, I can't stand it!
There is no cure for a pain such as this.
So I stand motionless, frozen till it subsides.
I know it will come for me again.
It always does.
So my heart aches.
And aches and aches and aches and aches and yearns.
For you. Just for you.

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