The Aching Passion

The aching passion that we shared just before
Is forever burned into my soul; as hot as the fires of hell
I can still feel your skin touching mine
Your kiss, your caress
In the air, it lingers, your smell
Your face is forever imprinted on my mind
Your eyes, like two black holes piercing through me
Your lips, as soft and pink as a rose
Your mouth, so inviting
Every moment spent with you, every word you speak
Every adventure we embark on together
Is so passionate and exciting
The words you whisper into my ear
Send shivers down my spine
I am entranced by the thoughts you pour into my head
I am dazed and drunken from your wine
I am your slave of desire, powerful chains bind me to you
Chains that can never be broken
I am the blood that flows within you
Forever I will be by your side
The word apart shall never be spoken
I have been captured by your love, I am basking in it's bliss
You have shown all this to me
You have made me what I am
My darling, you captured my soul
When you gave to me true love's first kiss.......

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