The Aching soul

You hold the touch of hugs for me ,
when you see I'm dying from this love I need .
I circle around and try to find
the place I won't feel blue.
You come again and give me
what others just don't care to do , Thank you
I send this message just to you ,
my heart needs more than just your touch ,
I need a love that's true .
I cry at night for I'm alone you see,
but with your hugs you give so much ,
you make me feel love again.
Thank you for holding the hugs I need,
for I give them to others in need .
If all I can is a hug I hope my hugs mean
the same as yours to me .
For people can die without love,
so if you don't mind ill keep needing your hugs.
Every time I hurt inside to touch the children I need ,
to hug them as you do for me, to love another
you have to feel love too, so if I have to hug
just you , I'm glad I can because your hug
makes me feel just your love so near.
The hurt I carry deep inside is more than I can bare ,
so thank you once again I'm glad your a friend so Dear.
for hugs mean much to heal an aching soul .

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