The Actual Perpetrator

I have witnessed cities around the country,
that are in need of law and order,
It’s common knowledge that part of the problem arises,
from the situation at the border.

There also exists now a transparent mistrust,
of law enforcement at the highest divisions
From the White House to the local prosecutor,
something is radically wrong with their decisions.

We tend to take for granted that our police officers
are called upon daily to put their lives on the line,
like the average individual doing his job,
they require the support from someone with a spine.

The revolving door justice we see today is ludicrous,
a perpetrator is arrested and immediately released,
There appears to be little concern for his recidivism,
thus the danger to the public has only increased.

The community’s voting block is able to apply its only power,
To remove these miscreants from office faster,
This social experiment we’ve been subjected to,
Has transformed into a total disaster.

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Key Words : Mistrust, prosecutor, decisions, perpetrator, recidivism, miscreants, disaster

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This Poems Story

The ludicrous proposition that a criminal can be given his freedom with nothing more than a promise to return at a later date in order for society to exact justice.