The Affliction

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away,
Maybe it was last week; it's kinda hard to say-
For time, they say, flies when you're not a bore.

I was very sick and weary,
And feeling kinda dreary,
Fever, chills, vomiting and more.

I needed to see a doctor,
To ease my pain and sorrow,
For, Monday, I had to reach the schoolhouse door.

From my bedchamber, I was murmuring.
My stomach, it was a gurgling.
My saltines and the Sprite were 'bout to spew.

When my father, who took off work
Said, "That Sprite will just not work,
Say, why don't you try some Mountain Dew?"

"Not so fast," said the doctor,
"This needle's got the answer!"
As he shot me in the rump, I cried, "No more!"

In summary, I must say
Though affliction may again come my way
I hope that I get sick...nevermore!

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