The ages..

Daunting the ages of my forefathers,
my eyes are taunted by the,
black pride that was tainted,
by those men whose blood,
was as red as mine,
but there's pumped by fury,
which to them reflected the gold in it,
and saw the coal in my own,
coz I am black

Trapped in the past is the,
blood that runs the present,
of the black soul,
It flowed through my forefathers,
with a rhythm of toiling,
a refrain straining every note of pain,
every sort of humiliation,
that was written on their faces,
coz I am black.

I wonder,
Their blood is why I sold,
my wrath but was it worth,
this peace that has picked off,
my piece of mind
and only tethered a thrust of pain,
caught in a tide of disdain.
But soon,
I came to know that,
Their strain feigned a smile,
to my refrain,
because as soon as it ended,
the hymn of freedom began,
coz I am black

The black history tells a sorry story,
that joyed the teller n the listener,
because it freed freedom from,
the glee dom that had drained,
the humanity out of me,
coz I am black

Free at last I stand,
profound of a bright black pride,
coz I am black

#Fred Ecabeth

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