The air is yours

The air is yours

Its a cozy world; Here blue means happiness to you and loneliness to me
Its a cozy world;here flowers bloom to wither and wither to bloom
Frustration boils fast in the kettle; one morning tea served hot!
Two cubes of migraine,three spoonsFOOL of worrisome thoughts
A sip is poison bearing a two edged sword,
Stabbing at the lungs, puncturing till all the air leaks out to the world
Its a cozy world! Isn't it?
Even if you do not drink from your cup
There is an ambush to baptize you cold,
Till you're immersed; lucid.
Sixty five centilitres of matter in a sea of troubles,
The least you could do is bubble
When a fish swims under you.
The fishes:you are where they eat,
Breed, excrete

Its a cozy world; You used to think you were another fish in the metaphor

No sooner does it occur that you are an irrelevant amount of water that can never

Go against the tide no matter how hard you float,
You are suppressed under man and boat
As debris decorates your decorum.
But its a cozy world
And cozy means
You do not have to conform
To the aquatics
When you long for aerobatics.

Its a cozy world; Where water can fly!

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