The American Civil War

Oh how sad that day was.
The bees were a buzz,
the birds were humming,
and we were drumming.

With coats of sweat, South marched the blue,
on to meet the grey as was due.
The drums spoke with theme and stride.
On marched the blue, like a groom to a bride.

However on the other side, the grey knew where to hide.
With the drums closing, they were in for a ride.
Followed by a "CRACK!" and a "BOOM!" out flew a shot,
and buried itself in the hot flesh it sought.

His eyes opened wide,
and like an oceans tide,
as he fell into the black,
a volley of shots flew back.

After a few days, the North had won.
The blood bath of the blue was done.
The ones alive, walked away from the valley and hill,
away from the land that was still.

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